The Earthaverse focuses on the twin planet to our world, named Eartha. The Alteredverse focuses on our world and frequently features humanoids known as the Altered Ones. To read the Legend of how the universe featured in these books began, scroll down.

Book List

Earthaverse Books:

  • The Draev Guardians series

Alteredverse Books:

  • Portal to Eartha
  • Beast of the Night
  • Madness Solver in Wonderland

Overall Timeline:

  • Portal to Eartha
  • Beast of the Night
  • Madness Solver in Wonderland
  • Draev Guardians

(Books can easily be read out of order. This list is simply to show you how all of the books relate to one another. For example, Draev Guardians occurs on Eartha a little after Madness Solver occurs in our world.)

The Legend

Long ago, humankind hated their weak physical capabilities. They saw how the animals, birds, and other creatures of the land lived so easily in their environments; with their wings they were able to travel anywhere, with their claws able to dig up anything, and with their strength able to hunt down any prey.

“Why have you given us such a pathetic form?” some of the humans cried out to Lord God. “We toil away, while an animal can do in a day what would take us weeks. We have no claws to help us plant our fields, no wings to help us travel from place to place, no strength of a bear to bring down a hunt with ease. Why have you made us so weak?”

God, in His great patience, heard their plea, and He sent down to Earth a special grove of trees bearing strange and colorful fruit. He told them that each tree’s fruit would grant them a different gift, and so, they must choose wisely what it was they wished for and not complain about the results afterwards—for this was their own doing.

Now, the humans who had complained and were not satisfied with how God had made them, went to the trees, and each chose a fruit and then ate.

In that moment, their bodies were transformed: some subtly, others drastically. Humans who ate of the flight trees were given feathers and wings; those who ate of the earth trees were given claws and tools for digging and living underground; those who ate of the strength trees were given a wide variety of animal characteristics and heightened senses. And so, the elves, kitsune, goblins, vempars and dwarves and many more races were born (along with the many fables and folklore that would follow).

But when these transformed humans returned to the mainland and to their fellow humans, they were feared and shunned for their strange appearances. The humans named those who had eaten of the trees: the Altered Ones, and they separated themselves from them.

The Altered soon realized their mistake. For humankind was not as weak as they had once thought, but growing in intelligence and technology, and able to accomplish feats which no creature could. But it was too late, and the Altered could not change back.

As the years passed, humans populated the planet, and the Altered lagged behind, few in number. They were feared, banned from areas, and even hunted down.

But Earth had a twin world, and a secret portal that the Altered later discovered which led there. Many Altered fled to this twin planet, to Eartha, and there began anew, creating a world just for them where they could live in peace.

However, not all of the Altered left. Some, for various reasons, chose to remain behind on Earth. And this is where the Earthaverse and Alteredverse begin…

Earthaverse stories focus on the twin planet Eartha, such as the Draev Guardians series. While the Alteredverse stories take place in our world, such as Beast of the Night, and happen at different points in time.