Books in the Alteredverse are standalone tales that take place in our world, at different points in time, and they often feature the humanoid Altered Ones (read Portal to Eartha for the origin story of the Altered).

They can be read in any order. Some books take place during our time, and some far into the future. View the full Timeline of events, and where each book fits, below.

Overall Timeline of Events:

Frost, Winter’s Lonely Guardian (near our present day)

Portal to Eartha (2110 AD)

—The following years after this story, there is an increase in wars and natural disasters, which starts to reshape parts of the world.

—The Solar Storm Wipeout: a worldwide solar superflare from the sun that was so strong it destroyed all electrical grids, satellite communications, and the internet. Trying to rebuild society was like starting over from the dark ages and took many years. This event shifted much of the world into using steam for a power source, which leads into the following stories…

Beast of the Night (4090 AD)

Madness Solver in Wonderland (around 20 yrs later, 4110 AD)

(As new books are published, check back here to see where they fit in the Timeline! Also, check out the series Draev Guardians that takes place in the Earthaverse—the twin planet to our world (it can be read at any time and separately from Alteredverse books).)