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Chapter 3: To Brawl, or Not to Brawl?

“Anything interesting? Um…well…” Madnes fidgeted under Oz’s scrutiny. Was he allowed to tell people about Wonderland? Cheshire hadn’t said anything about that yet. But maybe the better question was: would anyone believe him? “Just…busy with responsibilities. School and all that drama, you know,” he ended up saying instead, and watched as another cream-filled bun vanished … Continue reading Chapter 3: To Brawl, or Not to Brawl?

Strayborn Map

In celebration of Strayborn's coming-soon release date (October 14), I'm sharing another cool thing with you about the book: The MAP!   Doesn't it stir your adventurous heart and make you want to run off and explore? The sea monster is my favorite part, lurking in the salty waters. 😉 What's your favorite? Check out … Continue reading Strayborn Map