Madness Solver in Wonderland

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Madnes Hatter can no longer live as a normal teenager. His friends, Alice and Harrey, think he’s going crazy–and maybe they’re right. He’s the only one who can see Wonderland creatures as they stroll about his island hometown (including thieving ninja bananas).

It all began when a well-dressed cat named Cheshire appeared one day and gave him the power of the Madness Solver–transforming him into the guardian and peacekeeper between Wonderland and Earth. The power grants him wit to solve otherworldly cases and physical strength to fight villains.

But all power comes with a price—in this case, his very existence. And as an ancient evil rises in Wonderland, Madnes may not live long enough to save his friends and both worlds before it’s too late…

What people who’ve read the series are saying:

“Very entertaining and imaginative.”

“Madnes has a nice edge of sarcasm to him that I like.”

“An excellent idea with the two worlds being one, and the hints of Alice in Wonderland! Very cool!”

“Such rich characters, and perfectly flawed. I love how Madnes can still be a young man, sometimes sweet and sometimes just out right grumpy. He has a lot on his plate, the poor guy.”

This story just keeps drawing me in. I have enjoyed EVERY chapter.”